"Give your beer the right hop note"

Hops for craft brewers

Craft brewers deliver a fantastic range of beers, ales and stouts bringing complex diverse flavours and aromas to their customers. Our company, Lupulino, has supported the dynamic craft brewing industry in the Czech Republic for over 12 years and we offer a range of hops that have primarily been only available locally. Saaz is well known and is the best of all fine aroma hops, but other varieties, Bohemia, Harmonie, Kazbek, Sladek, Saaz Late, Rubin and Agnus are less well known.

(Click onto The Czech Hop Atlas to review the technical details of all Czech hop varieties).

These varieties offer the craft brewer an opportunity to develop beers with a more sophisticated aroma and flavour.

These hops will deliver beers to be drunk, enjoyed and discussed.
These are hops that offer a new symphony of flavour and aroma.
Hops with a history and story.
Hops that will help tune your beer flavour and have your customers singing for more.
Hops with all the right notes.

Brew your Bohemian Symphony full of flavour and aroma or a Bohemian Rhapsody from an exotic mix of Czech hops, one being derived from a wild hop from the Caucasus Mountains.

We also offer hops from all over the world. Contact us for more details.